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Having spent 20 years in the corporate software environment, I became very familiar with the need for asset preservation.  My corporate specialty was geographic information systems (like Google Earth) and Business Intelligence.  Prior to my years of wearing a corporate uniform (you know, a suit and tie), I also had the honor of wearing the Army’s uniform for 6 years.

Both of the above environments have contributed to my overall human development; the Army provided the adrenal flow that I craved as a young man, and the corporate world remunerated me nicely for my hard work and provided the means to enjoy wonderful vacations.  But, giving priority to my personal ethics and morals, which were in direct conflict with various corporate initiatives, I resigned from an attractive paycheck and a great position with a Fortune 500 company.  I was not going to let a “job” affect my health and positive outlook on life!

So the search for something better began.  I wanted to start a business that makes a difference in the community and something I can feel good about.  Dryer and vent cleaning is very rewarding and ties back to my years of asset preservation.  Knowing that our customers can feel at ease that their dryer and vent is safe, and a best case scenario our work will prevent a devastating situation; i.e. house fire.  While our norm for asset preservation may be less dramatic, it is equally beneficial and achieves an impressive level of energy conservation, while lengthening the life of both the dryer and clothes, lower utility bills, and shorten your dryer times.  Our service REALLY does pay for itself!

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